EQLovesFestival is a Swedish initiative which aims to highlight the female role models within music production specifically – where women are severely underrepresented in the music industry. Female producers have been left unheard of ever since the beginning of the history of music recording and production, by systematically dismissing or not giving them the credit they deserve. 95% of producers in the music industry who are highlighted and represented are male.

According to Women’s Audio Mission we estimate that only 5% of music producers are women. At the Swedish Grammies only 4 women have been awarded Producer of the Year since the beginning whereas 49 men won the title. Male songwriters represent 70% of the Swedish Melodifestivalen song contest and the number of female producers is still very low. According to Stims only 20% of all copyright owners are women out of 80,000 registered. On Spotify’s top songs for 2016 where the work of 226 songwriters appeared only 31 were women (13,7%) and the rest were 195 men (86,3%). Only 6,3% of the top earning copyright owners between 2010 and 2016 were women.

This is what EQLovesFestifval wants to change and to put a stop to the inequalities.

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